While presenting a positive image to spectators, the following supports good animal husbandry both at home and at the show.

The following practices or procedures are considered unacceptable and defined as unethical in the show ring:

       Misrepresenting the age of the animal for the class in which it is shown;
       Filling an animal unnaturally with liquid (tubing);
       Balancing the udder by any means other than by leaving naturally produced milk in any or all the quarters;
       Treating the udder, internally or externally with an irritant, counter-irritant, or any other substance to temporarily improve conformation or produce unnatural animation, except for sealing of teats.
       Administering epidural anesthesia (blocking tails);
       Performing surgery of any kind to change the natural contour of appearance of the animalís body, hide or hair. Not included is the removal of warts, teats and horns, clipping and dressing of hair and
         trimming of hooves.
       Inserting foreign material/articles under the skin, into the top line or on the feet;
       Roping udders;
       Criticizing or interfering with the judge, show management or other exhibitors while in the show ring or other conduct detrimental to the breed or show;
       Any attempt to deceive the judge would disqualify an animal;
       Animals that have been tampered with, will be overlooked for any award; and
       Only entries accompanied by CA and TB certificates will be accepted.


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