That SA Holstein is the only organization which is officially recognized by the World Holstein Friesian Federation (WHFF) and the new Animal Improvement Act that may:

Issue pedigrees of registered Holsteins.
Register Holsteins and keep such a data base in tact for official recording purposes and other needs that may arise from its members.
       Provide officially recognized classification services and analysis thereof.
       Provide classification and judges courses.
       Allow or stop importation of genetic material.
       Provide sales and shows under its auspices.

Furthermore, did you know SA Holstein...
       Is, according to the Act, responsible for the whole breed - registered as well as grade.
       Is the only breed Society that has copyright on its pedigrees (since 1946).
       Is the only breed Society in South Africa that formed a public company in which its members have the majority shareholding.

Did you also know that...
       SA Holstein’s data is constantly required as official data, to resolve court cases.
       Members may subtract fees paid to SA Holstein from their income tax forms.
       Certificates of registered Holsteins can be used as collateral with certain banks.
       Registered Holsteins do not have to be branded.

And as a reminder - Did you know five SA Holstein members have to date received the honour of “SA Farmer of the Year”?

Surely you must admit that SA Holstein members are a dynamic and progressive group of people!


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