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This policy is aimed at all members with registered cattle. Kindly read it carefully and inform the SA Holstein general manager in writing of your decision if applicable. You only have to react when you have received this document by post. This policy will be sent to all members during the course of the year and will form part of membership application forms.

At SA Holstein (
SAH) we are committed to protecting your privacy.  We will not disclose personal information obtained from you to a third party, except in the following cases:

       SAH publishes and distributes, including on its website, membership information.
       SAH publishes and provides information concerning members’ animal registration, classification traits, awards, official production, pedigree without data, breeding value, herd listing and progeny listing.
       SAH searches its database and generates listings of animals and relevant information concerning these animals.
       SAH publishes competition, show and sale results.

The above information may be provided to interested parties, with member details, excluding information we consider to be of a private nature.

Your Consent
By applying for membership, you consent to the collection and use of this information by SAH. If we decide to change our policy, we will advise you of such change, so that you are aware of our information gathering and dissemination practices.

Web based pedigrees
SAH will contain full detailed pedigrees as well as pedigrees with only names on its website.

Consider opening your pedigrees to public
By allowing SAH to open up your pedigrees for public viewing on our website ,you will be given the opportunity to have photos of your animals placed with the pedigrees at R25 + VAT per photo. Unless access is denied by the owner, pedigrees may be viewed free of charge by any person. Only the owner of the animal may print his own pedigree that includes lactation and other information.

It has been proven that where members allow other persons to view their animals’ pedigrees on websites, they expose themselves to a global market and sell their animals more easily and at higher prices.  Examples of such systems include the Australian Holstein Society Website and the Jersey Society in Canada.  The system’s website that the SA Holstein Society will be using, is currently receiving 1.3 million hits per month!

All catalogues of sales under the auspices of SAH will be on the website, as well as photos of sale animals on a member’s request.



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